PL Art of Fireworks 2015 (recap)

It’s finally Summer!!! I don’t really like Summer because it’s hot and we get Summer in Singapore 365 days a year. But there are so many fun things to do in Japan in Summer! Japanese have this thing for barbeques, beers, Summer festivals (夏祭り) and fireworks (花火). Life is very seasonal here. Sometimes it gets too seasonal that all logic is lost. *Example, it is March and it is 28 degrees. No, you shouldn’t wear sleeveless because it’s Spring. Sleeveless is for Summer. Recently I was getting a little depressed at work and I forgot all about the fun that Summer … Continue reading PL Art of Fireworks 2015 (recap)

海鮮フランス料理 周 (Shuu) French cuisine in 青山台 (Aoyamadai, Kobe, Japan)

周 (Shuu) is a lovely and cozy restaurant run by a young Japanese couple. If you love fish, this is the place to go! The husband makes the food while the wife takes care of the dining area. Lunch sets are reasonable, costs 2000~3000yen. The most popular course among ladies includes salad, soup, main course and desert + tea/coffee while bread and butter are unlimited. So if you’re in the area and have a craving for fish other than the usual sushi or sashimi, drop by! 海鮮フランス料理 周 (Kaisen Furansu Ryouri Shuu)  Address: 1F Mr James Building 5-3-20 Aoyamadai Tarumi-ku Kobe … Continue reading 海鮮フランス料理 周 (Shuu) French cuisine in 青山台 (Aoyamadai, Kobe, Japan)

Red Rock–the best beef bowl in Japan

Previously, I had always recommended my Singaporean friends to try Yoshinoya (or Matsuya, Sukiya) if they ever come to Japan. We all know that Yoshinoya in Singapore isn’t a good representation of Japanese (fast)food. I’ve always been rather wary of the brand until I was persuaded to give it a go many years back in Japan and since then, I’ve decided beef bowl (牛丼 gyuudon) is one of my favourite food. Last Sunday, a bunch of friends came to visit and it’s not easy to feed 5 guys. You take them for some roadside snacks but it’s only appetiser. Have … Continue reading Red Rock–the best beef bowl in Japan

海鮮フランス料理 尾野 (Ono) French cuisine in 星ヶ丘 (Hoshigaoka, Kobe, Japan)

We had a farewell party for a colleague who’s going back to Singapore in August. In Japan, Italian food is common, affordable and everyone loves it but French food is usually the choice for a special event. It’s more expensive so people have it less often.   Everyone got the 4-course steak set but 尾野 (Ono) is known for its seafood so naturally, I opted for fish because I do love fish a lot. Also, it’s cheaper than steak. However, it’s a 3-course meal. Then again, I ended up feeling just right while everyone else was struggling to finish their dessert. … Continue reading 海鮮フランス料理 尾野 (Ono) French cuisine in 星ヶ丘 (Hoshigaoka, Kobe, Japan)

姫路ゆかたまつり Himeji Yukata Matsuri (22~24 Jun 2015)

The Himeji Yukata Matsuri is held annually where boys and girls come donned in yukatas, welcoming the beginning of summer! Here’s to my first 祭り (matsuri, festival) this year! The Himeji Yukata festival is done on a smaller scale without the huge parades and crazy firework displays. It’s a local festival full of food and game stalls, and the good looking people looking good in yukata. The other perk of wearing yukata during those 3 days is that you’d get discounts off several of Himeji’s popular attractions. If you do not own yukata, you can rent it for a day in several shops … Continue reading 姫路ゆかたまつり Himeji Yukata Matsuri (22~24 Jun 2015)

SIN –> SGN: Vietnam and food (Ho Chi Minh 3 days 2 night) ③

Things you should not miss out 1. French food So I’ve talked about this French cafe and it serves mainly breakfast/afternoon tea items. Still, the taste’s good and the portion’s quite big. Credits: Wong Ba Some cafes also serve croque madame, a french style toasted bread with ham, cheese and egg. Croque monsieur is the toast without the egg. 2. Pho This dish looks unimpressive. You put some slices of beef into a clear soup with lots of garnishing vege… isn’t it quite tasteless? Well, that’s what I used to think. In actual fact, the broth is tasty and you … Continue reading SIN –> SGN: Vietnam and food (Ho Chi Minh 3 days 2 night) ③