Tokyo: Fuku-chan

“Chan” is often used as an endearing term for someone younger than you.
For example, crayon shin chan.

I am crazy about good gyoza. My mother makes really good chinese dumplings. So good, I have yet found a match for her in all the countries I’ve travelled to. Gyoza is a very common food in Japan and I’m always open to try (judge) them.

A typical gyoza set costs between 800-1000 yen. Gyoza sets are a mystery to me, as is eating ramen with rice. Even though ramen with rice is surprisingly nice.

At Fuku-chan, you can get a gyoza set at 650 yen. It’s the cheapest set on their lunch menu.


What’s more, it doesn’t just come with rice and gyoza. They top up their deal with a mini plate of mapo tofu, spicy & sour soup, pickles, tea and dessert.



It’s so cheap that I actually worried about what I was putting into my mouth.

The set comes with 6 gyozas. All of them are huge ass. In fact, I could not finish the meal. 650 yen and I did not want to waste a single bit of it. It’s odd psychology but it works. These people are wizards!

The heavenly combination of vegetables and meat.

*My meal did take quite some time for it to arrive so there is a possibility that they made it upon order. Well, I’m not complaining~

Fukuchan Minami-nagasaki store
福ちゃん 南長崎店 
Capital Mejiro 1F
Minami-nagasaki 2-1-2
Toshima-ku, Tokyo
東京都豊島区南長崎2-1-2 キャピタル目白ビル 1F
Nearest stations: Shiinamachi, Ochiai Minami-nagasaki

Telephone: 03-5996-8588
Mon – Sun: Lunch 11:00〜15:00, Dinner 17:00〜1:00




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