PL Art of Fireworks 2015 (recap)

It’s finally Summer!!!

I don’t really like Summer because it’s hot and we get Summer in Singapore 365 days a year. But there are so many fun things to do in Japan in Summer!

Japanese have this thing for barbeques, beers, Summer festivals (夏祭り) and fireworks (花火). Life is very seasonal here. Sometimes it gets too seasonal that all logic is lost.
*Example, it is March and it is 28 degrees. No, you shouldn’t wear sleeveless because it’s Spring. Sleeveless is for Summer.

Recently I was getting a little depressed at work and I forgot all about the fun that Summer is going to bring! Yesterday was the annual Sumida River Fireworks Festival but I didn’t go. Then again, I probably already attended the best fireworks ever–PL Art of Fireworks in Osaka.

The event takes place in Osaka. Like all big events, it’s going to be crowded but unlike most big events, the area covered is so wide that you can access it from several stations.
My friends got some seats which took me about 1 hour to squeeze through all that crowd from Tondabayashi station (富田林).

The 教祖祭PL花火芸術 2015 (Kyousosai PL Hanabi Geijutsu or loosely translated as Art of Fireworks) is organised by the Church of Perfect Liberty (hence, “PL”). I’m not familiar with this religion but hell, this event turned out the best. I don’t know how many shots they’ve fired and this information was also NOT REVEALED on the internet. Suspicious hur~ The fireworks constantly fill up the sky and the finale was overwhelming. It was crazy loud and the night sky was literally LIT UP like the day with the final sparks almost falling onto us. It was almost like a 3D show.




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