Kobe, Japan: Nawa Jyoti, Indian Nepalese Food

I miss Roti Prata. It is a thin fried Indian bread in Singapore. Very oily but very good.

Roti Prata
Roti Prata — You can have it with sugar or curry. Sugar is usually for losers/children. I am a loser.

Indian/Nepalese food is popular in Japan but you cannot find roti prata. Naan with curry is the most common Indian food you can find.

The spices come in great contrast to traditional Japanese food, where crops and meat are valued for their original (truest) taste. Why Japanese people have 3 “faces”(persona) and women need so much make up is a totally different matter.

Living far away from the city usually means you don’t get as much choices of nice restaurants. Nawa Jyoti is my to-go place when I need to get my fix of good, spicy food.

IMG_5693 enhanced

Like most Indian/Nepalese restaurants in Japan, you can choose the spiciness of your curry. In Japan, naan is SUPER big. Like, bigger than your plate?! But what I really like about Nawa Jyoti is their cheese naan. The naan is filled with sweet cheese which isn’t usually preferred by foreigners (people who grow up with good cheese) but the sweetness balances the spiciness of the curry. Plus, they always put so much cheese that it’s overflowing.

IMG_6306 enhanced
Like a yellow river.
IMG_5695 enhanced
So much cheese inside, the tip fell off as I picked it up.

Mango lassi is another must-have. It tastes like real mango. I say that because many so-called mango dishes taste so artificial.

The restaurant says that they don’t use a single drop of water in their cooking. I can’t vouch for that since I’ve never entered their kitchen but everything I have had so far tasted really good. And I have brought almost every single friend visiting there.

IMG_6309 enhanced

Lunch sets are the way to go in Japan. As the Japanese like to say, kosuto-pa! (=cost performance)

Nawa Jyoti can be loosely translated to “the light of hope” (sunrise). All the staff are Nepalese who speak excellent Japanese. One of them will always come to your table, asking if the food is okay. And if you go there often enough, they may just treat you to a mango lassi.

The restaurant sits about 40 people with the interior decorated with colours and elephants. And they never fail to play one of their films and/or music.
I miss this place 😦

IMG_5734 enhancedIMG_5735 enhanced

ナワジョティ (Nawa Jyoti) 
1F Maiko-zaka City Building
Maiko-zaka 4-1-7, Tarumi-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

舞子坂シティビル 1F

Telephone: 050-5868-1054 
Reservations accepted.

Opening hours: 11:00~15:00, 17:00~22:30(L.O.)

The fun people of Nawa Jyoti also have their own Instagram account #nawajyoti.1
Webpage (Japanese): https://www4.hp-ez.com/hp/nawajyoti/page2







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