Kobe, Japan: French Seafood Cuisine in 青山台 (Aoyamadai)–海鮮フランス料理 周 (Shuu)

周 (Shuu) is a lovely and cozy restaurant run by a young Japanese couple.
If you love fish, this is the place to go! The husband is the chef while the wife takes care of the dining area.

Lunch sets are reasonable, costs around 2000~3000yen. They typically provide 4 choices,

Menu A: 3-course meal (soup, fish, dessert)
Menu B: 4-course meal (salad, soup, fish, dessert)
Menu C: 4-course meal (salad, soup, meat, dessert)
Menu D: 5-course meal (salad, soup, fish, meat, dessert)

I typically go for Menu A or B because I love fish. Ladies usually go with Menu B or C. Also, bread and butter are unlimited.

Menu B–salad



The fish served varies, depending on the day’s catch. Shuu prides itself for its seafood so everything served is always fresh.

Menu B–soup


The lobster soup was creamy and fresh. The chef did not scrimp on ingredients so you can really taste the lobster! Now, I didn’t take a photo of the bread but they serve really good bread too. However, don’t eat so much! There’re more to come!

Menu B–fish


Fresh sea beam from the neighbour fish village in Akashi! The meat was so tender and fresh. I don’t know why the other ladies always go for the meat option (Menu C).

Menu B–dessert


Finally, the dessert! The fruits used are as fresh as their seafood. Here we have a fruit tart and berries ice-cream. Amazing!

So if you’re in the area and have a craving for fish other than the usual sushi or sashimi, drop by!

海鮮フランス料理 周 (Kaisen Furansu Ryouri Shuu) 
1F Mr James Building
5-3-20 Aoyamadai Tarumi-ku Kobe Hyogo

兵庫県 神戸市垂水区 青山台 5-3-20

Telephone: 078-752-1888 (+81-78-752-1888)
Reservations accepted.

Opening hours:11:30~15:00 17:30~22:00(L.O.21:00)
Closed on Thursdays  木曜日定休

Directions: 25 min walk from JR Shioya station or
Take bus 23 bound for Tsutsujigaoka from JR Tarumi station and stop at “Aoyama-dai”
JR塩屋駅 徒歩25分 JR垂水駅23系統「つつじヶ丘行き」バス 青山台バス停すぐ


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