Kobe, Japan: The best beef bowl in Japan–Red Rock

I had always recommended my Singaporean friends to try Yoshinoya (or Matsuya, Sukiya) if they ever come to Japan. We all know that Yoshinoya in Singapore isn’t a good representation of Japanese (fast)food. I’ve also been wary of the brand until I was persuaded to give it a go many years back in Japan and since then, I’ve decided beef bowl (牛丼 gyuudon) is one of my favourite food.

Last Sunday, a bunch of friends came to visit and it’s not easy to feed 5 guys. You take them for some roadside snacks but that becomes appetiser. Have a late lunch and in about 3 hours, it’s time for dinner.  So I took them to Red Rock, one of the rising stars in new age Japanese cuisine. It has apparently gained popularity and appeared on both the internet and local TV programmes. The queues are always long and winding, we’ve got to give it a try!

I’m not going to explain too much. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Red Rock Beef Bowl

This is a normal size beef bowl, priced at 788 yen before taxes (850 yen tax incl.). As I’ve said we’re eating with 5 guys so it’s a beef bowl each + steak (in the background) to share.

*You can also opt for a L size beef bowl that gives you more beef. 

It’s basically a bowl filled with roasted beef slices stacked beautifully on top of the rice. The beef are so well-cooked and thinly sliced that they are soft and tender. The toppings are yoghurt, raw egg yolk, vegetables, a sprinkle of black pepper and their special homemade sauce. Yoghurt, one of the weirdest thing for roasted but almost-raw meat. But this combination is sooooooo good~

Now to the steak, we didn’t know we could specify how we want it so we had the default but it was also an excellent dish.
Unlike most steaks, they served it bite-sized. I like this more than most steaks because like its roast beef brother, the steak is easy to chew and has great flavour.

Today, after a week of moving, packing and unpacking, I’ve decided I need some energy boost so I went again for lunch. Unfortunately, the queues were long and I was rushing for time so I opted for the usual beef bowl and… I felt so unfortunate after my meal. It’s still an okay beef bowl but after having tried Red Rock, one does not go back to the usual beef bowl. That’s how good Red Rock is.

I have to have it so I came back again at dinner time and I was lucky there were no queues.
Oh, look at my little mountain of beef as they reach for the sun~ I’m going to call it the Mt. Beef Fuji.



Red Rock has 3 branches in Kobe (Sannomiya Hankyuu West Exit, JR East Exit and Motomachi station) and 1 in Tokyo (Takadanobaba).


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