SIN –> SGN: Vietnam and food (Ho Chi Minh 3 days 2 night) ③

Things you should not miss out

1. French food
So I’ve talked about this French cafe and it serves mainly breakfast/afternoon tea items.
Still, the taste’s good and the portion’s quite big.

Credits: Wong Ba

Some cafes also serve croque madame, a french style toasted bread with ham, cheese and egg.
Croque monsieur is the toast without the egg.

2. Pho

This dish looks unimpressive. You put some slices of beef into a clear soup with lots of garnishing vege…
isn’t it quite tasteless? Well, that’s what I used to think.

In actual fact, the broth is tasty and you can customise it by adding basil, lime, onions, chilli, bean sprouts, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, chilli sauce etc. I personally like it with basil, chilli padi, bean sprouts and fish sauce.
(torturing myself by typing this at 1.35am… I’m so hungry…)

Credits: Wong Ba

3. Bánh Mì

I love bread. Bread works great in so many ways, one of which is sandwiches.
Bánh Mì is special because it has a French touch of pâté (PAH-teh) in the baguette.
They also add fish sauce if I’m not wrong (that’ll be the Vietnamese element).

It’s sweet, salty, sour, spicy all in one!!!

This is the stall. It’s on the streets, don’t expect it to be clean but maybe that’s why it’s extra tasty!


Credits: Wong Ba

4. Bánh cuốn

This is their version of spring roll.
And they also have the fried version.

We also tried bánh xèo, which didn’t turn out impressive as I thought it would be.
Know the moral of the story? Don’t put your expectations too high, people. It works with food as it works with your life.


Finally, learn some simple Vietnamese phrases to help make your trip smoother! (it will help if you know Mandarin as some words/sounds are similar)

Hello — Chào (sounds like “jao“, 早)
Thank you — Cảm ơn. (gam urh-n, 感恩)
I’m sorry — Xin lỗi. (seen lo-ee) 

Everything else we made an effort to learn were the pronunciation of food 🙂


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